Top 6 Reasons to Choose Category 6A Cable

1. Cost Efficiency, Category 6A copper patch cord offers simple and cost-effective provisioning to support variable applications.
Cat. 6A cable offers the most cost-effective and simple provisioning to prepare today’s buildings for current and future applications. With 10-gigabit applications starting to emerge, the time is right to consider provisioning the building with the right copper cabling infrastructure based on Category 6A twisted pair connectivity.

2. Category 6A is globally available in unshielded and shielded versions.
The debate about the virtues of unshielded and shielded solutions will continue. TARLUZ Category 6A Cable supports both Shielded and unshielded, while customers continue to speak with their wallets in favor of the more familiar, and easier to install, unshielded solutions.

3. Wireless Application Demand
Wireless bandwidth-demanding is keep increasing, and currently, the WIFI 6 access points maxim speed up to 6.77Gbas, it requires 10GBASE-T to reach this high speed, and Cat 6A is recommended

4. Category 6A provides superior performance for Power over Ethernet (PoE) applications.
At a time when the PoE standards are updated to double the power delivered to devices utilizing all four pairs in the cable, Category 6A offers enhanced thermal dissipation performance over its Category 5e and Category 6 predecessors.

5. Category 6A supports 10GBASE-T to 100 meters.
Based on the standard TIA-568 and ISO-568/IEC 11801, Cat. 6A cable should support 10G BASE-T up to 100m, it could ensure fast Ethernet transmission over full channel lengths. In the meantime, the workstation also requires a 10G network now.

6. Category 6A is recommended for new installations in new facilities.
In the recent publication standard for structured cabling for new facilities such as education or healthcare facilities, Cat 6A is recommended for wired, wireless, and outside of the data center connectivity.

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