Introduction to MMC Connector and MMC Adaptor

MMC Connector Introduction
The MMC Connector is a revolutionary connector type designed by US Conec. the density of the MMC connector is 3 times of the MPO or MTP Connector. The MMC Connector featured low insertion loss, smaller size, and support a maximum of 16 fiber in a single row and support two rows in one MT-style Ferrule (TMT).


  • Support both single-mode and multimode
  • APC polishing for both single-mode and multimode fiber, to gain higher return loss
  • IEC Grade B insertion loss and return loss performance
  • Compatible with standard MT-16 ferrules, but with special adaptors
  • Support both 200um and 250um fiber
  • TMT Ferrule and MMC Connector engineered to support industry standard mechanical requirements including >500 mating cycles

MMC Junior and Adapter/Receptacle Introduction
The smaller footprint of the MMC Junior connector maintains a robust connection while minimizing valuable space consumption on the boards or behind module/panel walls. the MMC Adapters or receptacles are optimized for Optical Transceivers, On-board Optics, and other module applications.

Very Small Form Factor (VSFF) multi-fiber connector