Electric automatic fiber optic cleaner

Electric Fiber Optic Cleaner, for SC/FC/ST/LC/MU, PC/UPC/APC connectors and adaptors, patch cords and pigtails cleanering

General Details

The TL838 Automatic fiber optic cleaner is a dry cleaner solution for contaminations in fiber optic end faces, it is easy for remove contamication on the fiber end face of all regular connectors like SC/FC/ST/LC/MU/E2000 etc., PC/UPC/APC patch cord/pigtails or bulkhead etc., male/female adaptors. The cleaning material inside the cleaner presses the end face under a certain pressure, absorbs and takes out the dusts via an electrical sweeping way in seconds to finish the clean.

The unique cleaning material (cleaning sticks) inside the cleaner is specially processed and tested for repeated use up to 30-60 times/stick and reaches an 98% cleanliness in an greater content from core to the ferrule/contact zone. Plus the material is wear/high-temperature-resistant that it has no break and drop in use. Its elasticity and thickness also help avoid the scratch when working and its porous property guarantees the absorbed capability of dusts and reuse feature without secondary pollution.

New function of flexible rotation on cleaner at different angles is added on for the most convenience of hard-to-access /narrow space clean. Additional lengthen adaptor and MPO adaptor are also designed for specific more complex situations. The upgraded cleaner offers the highest efficiency and value of clean solutions with lowest cost to clients and it’s most applied in the QA clean for patch cord/module/transceiver manufacturer and complex network maintenance personnel.

  • Dry clean of contamination on fiber endfaces
  • 3 ~ 5 seconds for cleaning, high efficiency
  • 98% cleanliness, high performance
  • 30 ~ 60 cleans for a stick, low cost
  • Support all rear male/female connectors
  • MPO/MTP Enabled with optional MPO adaptors
Parameters Specifications
Main Unit
Rotation 60/90/180° Applicable
Power Supply 12 pcs of Alkaline battery
Work Time >10 hrs
User life >20000 hrs
Unit length Min:102mm, Max::222mm
Clean Distance Min:52mm, Max:90mm
Application 1.25mm ferrule: LC/MU
2.5mm ferrule: SC/FC/ST/E2000
Multi fiber: MPO/MTP
Weight 60g
Dimension 168L x 22W x 56H mm
Cleaning Sticks
Clean Times 30 ~ 60 times/pcs
Humidity ≤60%
Temperature -15~55°C
Clean Area Whole fiber end
Cleanliness 99% core, 95% ferrule
Weight ≤2g
Dimension L ≤60 mm, Φ ≤3 mm
  • FTTx Network
  • Data Center Network
  • WDM/CWDM/DWDM Network
  • Lab and fiber optic manufacturing
Ordering Information
Item Description Quantity
Standard Configuration
TL838 Main unit Clean fiber end face 1pcs
EF125 leaning Sticks Clean LC/MU etc., female/male end face 20pcs
EF250 Cleaning Sticks Clean SC/FC/ST/E2000 etc., female/male end face 30pcs
125-M/F Adaptor To fix and hold EF125 cleaning sticks 1pcs
250-M/F Adaptor To fix and hold EF250 cleaning sticks 1pcs
Optional Configuration
EF125L Cleaning Sticks Lengthen to clean LC/MU end face 10pcs/Box
EF250L Cleaning Sticks Lengthen to clean SC/FC/ST/E2000 end face 10pcs/Box
EF440 Cleaning Sticks To clean MPO/MTP etc., multiple cores end face 10pcs/Box
125L-M/F Adaptor Lengthen to fix and hold EL125 cleaning sticks 1 pcs
250L-M/F Adaptor Lengthen to fix and hold EL250 cleaning sticks 1 pcs
440-M/F Adaptor To fix and hold EF440 cleaning sticks 1 pcs