FOSC-L03 6 ports Fiber Optic Splice Closures

Horizontal/inline type, 6 ports (3 on each side), maximum support 288 bunch fibers.

General Details

TARLUZ FOSC-L03 is a multifunctional fiber splice equipment which is designed for connection, branching and connection. This splice closure has 6 cable ports. It is suitable for aerial, wall-mounting, pipe-lined and direct buried. We are always in the purse of doing research and developing the telecommunication connection equipment. Our joint closure is your reliable choice to guarantee the quality of information transform.

  • Applied for both bunchy fiber and ribbon
  • Splicing trays are layered and easy to be dis assembled, convenient installation.
  • Easy to install and re-entry with a common can wrench.
Part No. FOSC-L02
Sealing Type Mechanical Sealing
Max. Fiber Capacity Bunch: 36 ~ 180 cores
Capacity of splice tray 36-core
Max. splice trays number 5
Cable ports 6 Entires (3 on each side)
Cable diameter (mm) φ16mm ~ 25mm

φ10mm ~ 20mm

Application Aerial, Duct, Direct Bury
Sealing structure Sticky structure
Working temperature -40℃~65℃
Dimension (mm) 648 x 253.8 x 158
Weight (kg) 6.55


Standard Accessories

No. Accessory Name Quantity Applications
1 Cover 1 648(H)x254(W)x79(D)mm
2 Base 1 Fixing internal structure
3 Seal ring 2 Fixing cover and base
4 Bracket assembly 1set Fix cables and store fibers
5 Fiber splice tray 1set Fiber splice & storage
6 Fiber splice tray cover 1set Fixing tray & storage un-cut fiber
7 Bondage belt 1 Fixing trays
8 Fasteners 12pcs Sealing the cover and base
9 Hoop 1set For aerial installation
10 Nylon tie(3*120) 20pcs Fixing fibers with protective jacket
11 Splice protective sleeve(strength member Ф1.0*60) No. of fibers+10% Fiber fusion and protection
12 Plastic block 6pcs For ports when not used
13 Insulation tape 1 roll Fixing fibers
14 EVA Transport tubes 1 meter For protection of loose tube if required(extra length could be ordered)
  • Aerial and Wall mounting application
  • FTTH PON network, CATV network, other fiber optic network