FOSC-S01 Splitter type Fiber Optic Splice Closures

Dome Splitter type fiber optic splice closures, max. 16 adapter panel, 1:8 or 1:16 plc splitter, 16 drop cable ports, 1 oval mid span port, 2 round cable ports

General Details

Tarluz FOSC-S01 PLC splitter type fiber optic splice closures is specially designed for FTTH network, in the last mile drops, telcos use this product directly terminate the drop cable by fast connector or direct splicing, after that lead the cable to each subscriber premises. This closures series including 16 port drop cable type and 24 port drop cable type, beside the drop cable port, there is one big oval port and two round cable ports for inlet/outlet cable. It support to accommodate 1:8 and 1:16 PLC Splitter, This drop cable type splice closures with nuts to lock the closure which ensure the security of the fiber storage. It is an ideal product in FTTx network.


In the Fiber Optic network, generally cables are limited to have 2km or 3km per reel, thus it requires a device to extending the fiber cable in the long haul cable network, CATV HFC network, FTTH PON network, etc. A traditional fiber optic splice closures with multiple ports for cable entry in and with ports for cable extending, distributing, branching, etc. inside the box body, there is space with fiber optic splice tray installed for holding, protecting and managing the fiber cable after cable been spliced. There are inline type, some times we say horizontal type fiber optic splice closures, and dome type or vertical type, butt type. However, recently closures are with more function than cable protection and joint, but splitting, thus splitting type fiber optic splice closure is very popular now, all this joint closures are made of high strength plastic, with excellent waterproof, dust proof, features. Tarluz offered various of FOSC, please feel free to contact for more product information.

  • Applied for bunchy fiber
  • Dome type/cap type/butt type
  • Splicing trays are layered and easy to be dis assembled, convenient installation.
  • Easy to install and re-entry with a common can wrench.
Part No. FOSC-S01
Sealing Type Mechanical Sealing
Max. Fiber Capacity Bunch: 48 cores
Capacity of splice tray 12-core
Max. splice trays number 4
Cable ports 16 drop cable ports, 1 oval ports, 2 round port
Supported PLC Splitter 1 pc of 1:16 or 2:16, 2 pcs of 1:8 or 2:8
Adapter Panel 24 pcs of SC/FC adapters
Protection Standard IP68
Application Aerial,  Duct, Direct Bury
Sealing structure Sticky structure
Working temperature -40°C~65°C
Dimension (mm) 385 x 245 x 130
Weight (kg) 3.5


Main Components

S/N Description Quantity Note
1 Cover 1
2 Base 1
3 Sealing rings 1 Box sealing
4 Sealing parts 16 Sealing cable ports
5 Splice tray 4 For cable splicing and storage
6 Splice tray cover 1
7 Splice tray bandage 1 Fixing several splice trays
8 Fastener bolt 2 Fixing lid and cover of closure
9 Buckle 4 Fixing lid and cover of closure
10 Tight nuts 16 Sealing soft cable ports
11 Tight tool 1 Special for tight the nuts
12 Cable fixing panel 1 Fixing un-cut cable
13 Adaptor installation panel 4 An adaptor panel for 6 SC simplex adaptors
14 Splice tray bracket 1 Install 4 splice trays
15 Top cover stopper 1 Limit top cover
16 Plastic nuts 2 Fixing cable


Standard parts

S/N Description Quantity Note
17 Wall mounting kit 1 For wall mounting
18 Expansion anchor bolt 2 Parts of the wall mounting kit
19 Hexagon bolt 2 Parts of the wall mounting kit
20 Nylon tie (3*120mm) 12 Fixing cable
21 Fusion sleeve(Φ1.0*60mm) According to the fiber cores. Cable splicing
22 0.2m coil tube 1 Protect the fiber
23 Insulation tape 1 Accessorial fixation
24 0.5m EVA tube 1 Protect fiber
25 Drier 1
26 M6 internal hexagonal wrench 1 Tool to open the box
27 14# grommet 2 For cable dia. From 12-17.5mm
28 41# grommet 2 For cable dia. From 8-12mm
29 Plastic plug 4 Seal the cable port
30 Iron spanner 1 Tool


Optional parts

S/N Description Quantity Note
31 Pole mounting kit      1 For pole mounting
32 Valve 1 Testing sealing performance
  • Aerial, Duct, Direct Bury and Wall mounting application
  • FTTH PON network, CATV network, other fiber optic network