High Power Optical Amplifier EDFA integrated with WDM

General Details

This EDFA is high output power C-Band Er-Yb co-doped double cladding optical fiber amplifier. Individual optical design ensures the perfect performance: adopt high stable and high precision CPU system to ensure the control, adjustment and display are intelligent and easy.

The EDFA adopt our patent of high power PUMP leakage technology and the patent of laser driving circuit technology, which will ensure the more stable and better performance. Intelligent network management system. Perfectly network interface: Ethernet, RS-485 and RS-232 network, and the open network management interface ensure the connectivity with all other network management system.

  • High power: up to 5W total, 1Unit for 2000~4000 optical node
  • Low noise figure
  • Low CSO: <-70dBc
  • Controllability and maneuverability: Dual CPU to deal Control loop and communication separately
  • High stability and reliability: MTBF > 150000 hours
  • Redundancy Hot Swap Power module: -48VDC
  • Support SNMP network management
Wavelength (nm)λc154015501560
Output port8
Output Power (dBm)1Po22
Input power (dBm)Pi-3——+10
Gain (dB)G——30——
Noise Figure (dB)2NF——5.0—–
Output power stability (dB)ΔPo—–±0.05±0.2
Input Isolator (dB)ISOi30————
Output Isolator (dB)ISOo30————
Input Pump Leakage (dBm)PumpLin————-30
Output Pump leakage (dBm)PumpLout————-30
Return Loss (dB)RL——-——--40
PDG (dB)PDG————-0.5
PMD (ps)PMD————-0.5
Power supply (V)Vps-70-48-40
Consumption (W)3P—–—–40
Power supply (V)Vps170220264
Consumption (W) 3P—–—–50
Operating Temperature (°C)Tw-5—–60
Storage Temperature (°C)Ts-25—–65
  1. Optional
  2. Test at 0dBm input
  3. Actual consumption depends on the output power and environment temperature
  • Analog CATV Transmission
  • FTTH Optical Access
  • Optical Distribution

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