Module Type CWDM OADM (4, 8, 16-Channel)

Module type CWDM OADM, support 4-ch, 8-ch, 16-ch and .

General Details

The Moudle Type CWDM  (Coarse wavelength division multiplexer) OADM (Optical Add Drop Multiplexer) devices featured with low insertion loss, high channel isolation, wide passband, low temperature sensitivity and epoxy free optical path. The CWDM OADM Module is an device for all kinds applications like GE & 10GE, SDH/SONET, ATM, ESCON, Fiber Channel, FTTx and CATV network.

  • Low Insertion Loss
  • High channel isolation
  • Wide passband
  • Excellent stability and reliability
  • Epoxy free optical path
Parameter4 Channel8 Channel16 Channel
Channel Wavelength (nm)1270~1610/1271~1611
Channel Spacing (nm)20
Channel Passband (@-0.5dB bandwidth) (nm)±7.5/±6.5
Insertion Loss (dB)≤1.5≤2.5≤3.5
Channel Uniformity (dB)≤0.6≤1.0≤1.5
Channel Ripple (dB)<0.3
Isolation (dB)AdjacentN/A>30N/A>30N/A>30
Insertion Loss Temperature Sensitivity(dB/°C)<0.005
Wavelength Temperature Shifting(nm/°C)<0.002
Polarization Dependent Loss (dB)<0.1
Polarization Mode Dispersion (ps)<0.1
Directivity (dB)>50
Return Loss (dB)>45
Maximum Power Handling (mW)300
Operating Temperature(°C)-5 ~ +75
Storage Temperature(°C)-40 ~ +85
Package dimension(mm)A: L100×W80×H10

1. Above specifications are for devices without connector.

2. Specifications may change without notice.

  • WDM network
  • Fiber link monitoring
  • Access network

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