OM5 Fiber 24-core MPO-LC Module Cassettes

12 pieces of OM5 duplex LC at the front end, back side with 1 piece of MPO adapter. The module cassettes with transfer patchcord inside

General Details

The OM5 MPO module Cassettes is maninly used to divide the 12 or 24 fibers MPO connector of the pre-assembled terminal end to the simplex or duplex standard connector. By using the simplex or duplex patchcord, the output of the module can be directly connected with the equipments, frame or the client’s end.

  • Adopts high quality engineering plastics and Aluminum alloy material, with electrostatic pensu surface, outstanding in outlooking and users friendly.
  • MPO faceplate can be upgraded easily.
  • All the front port are with mark no. , easy to indentify.
  • Quick and easy installed, flexible in configuration and easy to management
Optical Parameters
Insertion Loss (dB)SM StandardSM EliteMM StandardMM Elite
Return Loss (dB)≥60≥20
Durability (dB)≤0.2 500 times mating
Tensile Strength (kgf)10
Working Temperature (°C)-20 ~ +70
Measurement Wavelength (nm)1310850
Geometry Parameters
Radius of Curvature (mm)50050
Polishing Angle0-0.20+0.28-0.28+0.2
Fiber Height (nm)10003000
Max Fiber Height Error (nm)600
Adjacent Fiber Height Error (nm)-300+300
Avg. Fiber Height Error (nm)-300+300
Central Concave (nm)300

12 fiber MPO Cassette Structure


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