Special Metal ADSS/OPGW Splice Closures

General Details

This product is applicable to connection and protection of special power cable OPGW (Optical Fiber Composite Overhead Ground Wire) and ADSS (All Dielectric Self-Supporting Optical Fiber Cable), which is equipped with the function of straight-through joint and branch joint and fixing method of joint box includes pole-use and tower-use.

  • High mechanical performance, good sealing performance
  • High Strengths Aluminum Alloy, whether resistance
  • Adjustable Cable Clamp not damage cable
  • Support pole mounting, tower mounting
Maximum capacity12 ~ 144 cores
Fiber bending radius47mm
Maximum Cable Diameter22mm
Each disc retention fiber length1.5m
MaterialAluminum alloy
Resistance strength15kV direct-current, 2 Min Not breakdown
Anti-vibration performance106 Time
Lateral pressure≥2000N
Sealing performance100kPa, 72 H, Constant pressure.
Main dimensionsØ200mm x 470mm (Inner diameter 180mm)
Net weight6.8kg
Working Temperature-40°C ~ +80°C

Standard Package
Joint Closure Main Body, Heat shrinkable Sleeves, Cable Tube, loose tube protective tube, Cable tie, self-adhesive tape, Electrical Tape, Sealing Tape, adjusting gasket, s-type tower mounting kits, pole mounting kits, user’s manual