ST Fiber Optic Attenuator

Fiber attenuators, ST, Male to femal, multimode / single mode

General Details

Fiber optic attenuator or optical attenuator is a passive component used to reduce the power level of an optical signal, either in free space or in an optical fiber. The basic types of optical attenuators are fixed, step-wise variable, and continuously variable. However, generally the optical attenuator classified as fixed or variable attenuators. What’s more, they can be classified as LC, SC, ST, FC, MU, E2000 etc. according to the different types of connectors.

Tarluz provides optical attenuators with various connector types, such as LC/FC/SC/ST/MU/E2000, available with UPC or APC polish, male or female interface. Our fixed fiber attenuators with attenuation range from 1 dB to 30 dB (step by 1 dB), while the variable optical attenuators (generally used as in-line attenuators) can be adjusted from 0 to 60 dB.

  • 100% IL, RL and visual inspection tested
  • Wavelength Independent
  • Durability & Simple and Reliable Structure
  • Low back reflection
  • High power endurance
  • Maximum stability, reliability and flat spectral response
Attenuation Value 1dB ~ 30dB
Operating Wavelength 1240 ~ 1620nm (Dual 1310/1550nm)
Return Loss UPC >55dB
APC >65dB
1 ~ 7 dB ±0.5dB
8 ~ 12 dB ±0.7dB
13 ~ 17 dB ±1.0dB
18 ~ 25 dB ±1.3dB
Polarization Dependent Loss ≤0.1dB
Operating Temperature Range -40 to 75
Storage Temperature Range -40 to 85
Humidity 95%RH
  • Optical Fiber Communication Network
  • Passive optical networks
  • Data Transmission Network
  • CATV Fiber Optic Sensor
  • Local Area Networks(LANs)
  • Optic Instrumentation
  • Testing instrumentation