TK101 Fiber Optic Termination Toolkits

This TK101 Fiber Optic Connector termination kit provides all the tools and materials required to terminate most of the connector like FC, SC, ST, LC etc. This toolkit allows for clean and simple terminations, with fewer tools for complete repair work in field.

ItemTool ListQty
1Fiber optic stripper1
2KEVLAR Scissor1
3Carbide Scribe Tool1
4Fiber Jacket Stripper1
5Universal Connector Crimp Tool (SC/FC&LC)1
6400x Deluxe Microscope (2.5mm &1.25mm)1
799.7% IPA Cleaning Wipes (PreMoistened)5
8100ml Alcohol dispensing bottle1
9Anaerobic Adhesive Hardener 50ml1
10Anaerobic Primer 1.75oz1
11Epoxy Application Syringe 3ml5
125µm Polish Film5
131µm Polish Film5
140.5µm Polish Film5
152.5mm Universal Polish Disc (SC/ST/FC)1
16LC Plastic Polish Disc1
176″ Rubber Polish Pad1
18Safety Glasses1
192.5mm Cotton Cleaning Swabs25
20Black Marker1
21Carrying Zipper Bag (305×220×60mm)1

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