Introduction to SN-MT Connector and SN-MT Adaptor

SN-MT Connector Introduction
The SN-MT connector is a high density connector designed by SENKO Advanced components, it is ideal for high-density applications of its compact size and push-pull boots. The current SN-MT is offered in 8F and 16F and has 2.7 x the density of 16F MPO. SN-MT keeps the same footprint as the SN so it can fit 64 fibers in QSFP-DD or OSFP modules.


  • Up to 16-fiber in a row
  • Same connector footprint as SN duplex
  • Fiber density per 1RU is improved by
    • 2.7 times over MPO-16F
    • 1.3 time over MPO-32F
  • Low insertion loss, IL targeted 0.35dB max for SM

The SN-MT VSFF Connector is ideal for face plate density improvements, such as patch panel, high density cassette, and Co-packaged optics, besides it., it saves space for pluggable transceivers such as QSFP, QSFP-DD, etc.

SN-MT Adaptor Introduction
The SN-MT 4-CH Adaptor support both SN-MT Connector and SN-MT Junior Connector. The SN-MT Adaptor with the same footprint as the SN Adapter and accommodates up to 64-Fibers in one adapter. The SN-MT Adapter has distinct keys to accept either 8-Fibers or 16-Fibers

Very Small Form Factor (VSFF) multi-fiber connector