DON’TS for AOC Active Optic Cables

This DON’TS is especially for those engineers used to focus on copper structured cabling.

  • Do not twist the AOC cables, it is not like copper cable
  • Do not pull the AOC cables, each cable with a pulling force requirement
  • Do not staple the cables.
  • Do not uncoil the cable, as a kink might occur. if Kink occur, it might increase the attenuation a lot.
  • Do not step on the AOC cable or connectors. Plan cable paths away from foot traffic or rolling loads.
  • Do not pack the cable to fit a tight space. Use an alternative cable route.
  • Do not drop the AOC cable or the modules from any height. Gently set the cable down, resting the cable modules on a stable surface.
  • Do not cinch or fix the cable with hard fasteners or cable ties. Use soft hook-and-loop fasteners or Velcro ties for bundling and securing cables.
  • Do not drag the cable or its connectors over any surface. Carry the entire cable to and from the points of connection.
  • Do not force the cable connector into the receptacle by pushing the cable. Apply connection or disconnection forces at the connector only.
  • Avoid over-bundling the cables or placing multiple bundles on top of each other. This can degrade the performance of the cables underneath.
  • Do not bend the cable beyond its recommended radius. Ensure that cable turns are as wide as possible.
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