Introduction to MPO/MTP Conversion Cable

TARLUZ MPO/MTP Patch Cords are used by customers worldwide in various applications, such as data communications, link aggregation, 5G infrastructure, and harsh environments.

TARLUZ MPO/MTP conversion cables consist of hundreds of models available off-the-shelf for providing fast, high-performance connectivity in backbone networks, and link aggregation in data centers while allowing for uniform trunk cabling from racks where all 12 fibers can be utilized. Features include low-smoke zero-halogen (LSZH) and Plenum (OFNP) jackets and polarities Method-A or Method-B. TARLUZ MPO/MTP Conversion Cables are available in OM3, OM4, and OM5 versions, with or without male or female guide pins, and in multiple lengths. Conversion options include 1 x MPO-24 to 2 x MPO-12, 1 x MPO-24 to 3 x MPO-8, MPO-32 to 2x MPO-16, MPO-16 to 2x MPO-8 and 3 x MPO-8 to 2 x MPO-12. 1 x MTP-24 to 2 x MTP-12, 1 x MTP-24 to 3 x MTP-8, and 3 x MTP-8 to 2 x MTP-12, MTP-32 to 2x MTP-16, MTP-16 to 2x MTP-8

The MPO/MTP could be offered by standard loss or low loss, or standard loss, and elite for MTP connectors.

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