SFP-DD MSA Releases Updated 4.1 Hardware Specification

The SFP-DD MSA Group (Small Form Factor Pluggable Double Density Multi-Source Agreement) released the latest hardware specification and drawings for SFP-DD, the Revision 4.1, announced at August 10, 2020.

The main change as follow:

  • Added ResetL, IntL, ePPS, Fault signals.
  • Added dual functionality IntL/TXFaultDD signal.
  • Added timing tables for low speeds signals, soft control and status.
  • Chapter 7-Management Interface is now part of Chapter 4-Electrical Specification. Port mapping, optical connectors, and module color-coding moved out of Mechanical and Board Definition Chapter-5 and into a new Chapter-5.
  • Appendix A- Normative Connector Performance Requirements added.

Targeting support of optical modules up to 3.5 W, the SFP-DD form factor addresses the technical challenges of achieving a double-density interface and ensuring mechanical interoperability for module components produced by different manufacturers while still enabling the use of legacy SFP modules. This most recent specification supersedes all previous versions and has updated mechanical connector dimensions.

SFP-DD pluggable interface designed to enable high-speed 100+ Gbps, high-density networking equipment. The SFP-DD form factor uses 2-lane pluggable modules, is backward compatible with SFP+ and offers improved host to module management communication based on a Two-Wire-Interface (TWI).

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