December 24, 2018

Brief introduction of 50G SFP56 Modules

Different from the 40G Ethernet, 50G Ethernet initial limited deployment as proprietary 2x25G or 1x50G. It could provide faster bandwidth to extend the existing data center network.

One of the form-factor of the 50GE pluggable modules is SFP56. it is the same size as current SFP, SFP and SFP28 Modules.

The 50GE SFP56 PAM4 Modules including several type 50GBASE SFP56-CR, 50GBASE SFP56-SR, 50GBASE SFP56-FR, 50GBASE SFP56-LR

The SFP56-CR DAC cable support maximum 5-meter transmission over Twinax copper cable, the SFP56 SR module transmitting 100 meters over OM4 MMF (multimode fiber), the SFP56-FR module transmitting 2km over SMF (Single mode fiber), and the SFP56 LR module transmitting over 10km over SMF.