1U rack OLT with 2-PON port – CCTV Application

Each PON system supports maximum 256 Logical Link Identifiers (LLID) and 1.25Gbps bandwidth independently. This OLT adapts to counties, towns and villages fiber network access. It is also adapt to FTTH/FTTB/FTTO projects, to implement fiber to the home, such as IP phone, Ethernet data and IPTV services access.

General Details

TL6002C meets China Telecom EPON standards.TL6002C is a small 1U rack type 2-PON OLT. It contains one piece 2-PON OLT card and one piece NMS card inside. TL6002C works with TL6200 and TL300 series ONU and ODN, to establish a passive optic network. The whole system supports 2-PON, each PON port supports 32pcs ONU within 20KM (64 pcs ONU within 10KM). It supports 10 ~ 20km transmission distance at the base of high bandwidth,and supports full line speed L2/L3 transition capacity.

  • Highly reliable case, strong adaptivecapacity to environment
  • 1U case,Good shielding measures

  • Layer 2 aggregation switching
  • Layer 2 wire-speed forwarding; support rich layer 2 protocols
    8K MAC address list
    Uplink port supports electronic port modules andoptical port modules, which can be configured flexibly as required

  • Perfect network management function
  • Support GUI based graphical interface
    Support in-band management, out-of-band management
    Support online upgrade of device software

  • Strong QOS function
  • Support flexible DBA, uplink and downlink trafficrate-limited
    Support IP ToS, IEEE802.1p
    Port based traffic control, traffic shaping
    Supports up to 512 LLID

  • Rich OAM function
  • Support ONU automatic identification, automaticfinding, and automatic registration
    Support the function of automatic loop back test tosingle link
    Strong VLAN function, including VLAN Stacking, Trunk,Translation
    Support flexible controllable multicasting, supportIGMP snooping

  • Each PON support 1:64 splitting ratio ( The maximum quantity of 128 ONUs)
  • Hot plug PON fibber module design, the farthest 20Km transmission distance
  • Support 128 bits triple churning function to ensure the confidential for the data transmission
  • Support dynamic bandwidth distribution DBA algorithm
Parameter Specifications
Operating wavelength 1310nm (RX)/1490nm (TX)
Optical power +2 ~ +7dBm
Receiving sensitivity -27dBm
Max distance 20km
Max splitter ratio 1:32
Capacity 2 PON, max 128 ONUs
Uplink port 2 10/100/1000 Ethernet RJ45 ports
PON port 2 SC/FC fiber ports
Control port RJ45, RS232, to debug the device
MTBF 100,000 hours
EPON traits Support IEEE802.3ah
Support DBA with minimum 1Kbps granularity adjustable
Support 1Gbps up link and down link symmetrical bandwidth
Support AES-128 encryption to each Logical Link Identifier
Support powerful OAM function, implement telnet management, maintenance and upgrade
Support auto discovery and auto register of ONU (real-time operation)
Protocols supported Support IEEE802.3, IEEE802.3u, IEEE802.3ab
Support IEEE802.1Q VLAN
Support IEEE 802.1P QoS
Network management Support GUI management based on SNMP
Support Local serial interface management and local serial interface management and Telnet GUI management based on CLI
Other functions Support 1GMPv1/v2 protocol report,query and leave message mouse
Support DHCP Snooping
Support Ipv4 address learning based at DHCP Snooping
Support ARP Snooping, QoS etc
Max optical power of the module card DC-48V or AC220V
Operating temperature -10 ~ 55℃
Storage temperature -40 ~ 70℃
Humidity 5% ~ 90% non-condensing
Dimension 481mm(length) x 309mm(width) x 44mm(height)