Cable Fault Point Identifier

OCFI can identify physial fault location for fiber optic cable by two or three times tracking, which save your maintenance time.

Optical Cable Fault Identifier (OCFI) is The latest instrument of optical cable maintenance, repair equipment developed by tarluz, it can identify the physical cable fault location easily. This is an essential tool for fiber optic cable repair!

With the development of optical fiber communication, fiber optic cable has been laid.After lay down ,the aging, external damage, rain erosion, the construction and maintenance of non-standard, and other aspects may cause fiber optic cable fault.When the cable are broken, how to trouble shoot effectively , reduce the repair time,accurate and fast tracking the location of the fault point is the key point .

When the cable is broken, the OTDR can only measure the distance from the original to the fault point.The exactly fault point is often difficult to be found.Constructors often need to find and confirm the fault point repeatedly, that spend a huge amount of time and energy, even caused second accidents by non-standard operation. If the data is lacking or not correct, the repair work will become a nightmare for the constructors.The pecuniary loss caused by the low efficiency repair , OTDR can do nothing about it.

OCFI can observably improve repair efficiency only two or three times tracking can guide the constructors to find the fault site, and the tracking fiber optic cable deformation is completely within the allowable range that keep the fiber optic cable out of bending damage. Some times constructors even do not need to drill in well, climb operation, find the cable connection box and junction box. greatly reduce the work intensity of the constructors.
Optical Cable Fault Identifier ( OCFI) greatly compensate for the lack of OTDR meter in the optical cable repair, fill the gaps in industry, is a necessary tool of cable repairing.

Efficiently:Only need two or three times tracking can guide the constructors to find the fault site, make the repairing efficiently. Accurate positioning: Locate accurately, make up the cable data accurately and perfectly.
Safe and non-destructive: Tracking cable without hurt , no need to open the cable connecting box,usually do not need operate in the well, keep constructors far from danger. Simple and convenient: Easy to operate, easy to use, make things easy.