FC-6 series Fiber Optic Cleaver

54,000fibers (2,250fibers × 24 positions)

General Details

FC-6 series is a traditional bench top cleaver, simple and easy to use. It is available with, or without, a fiber offcut collector. FC-6(S or M)-C which has offcut collector is also available.

Model FC-6S FC-6M
Cladding diameter ø125μm ø125μm
Fiber count/Size Single fiber (for fiber coating ø0.25~ø0.9mm) Single to 12
Cleaved Angle 0.5 degree with single fiber
Cleave length 5~20mm (for fiber coating ø0.25mm) 10mm
10~20mm (for fiber coating ø0.9mm)
Dimension 63(W)×76(D)×63(H) mm/ 63(W)×76(D)×63(H)mm
Weight 380g 380g
Blade life*1 54,000fibers (2,250fibers × 24 positions)
*1 Blade life is not guaranteed. It may vary depending on the opelating environment.