Fitel S218R Thermal Stripper

General Details
  • Exceptional stripping for single and ribbon fiber
  • Simple Operation via built-in battery or AC power
  • Built-in battery recharger – battery always charging when AC power is connected
  • Durable design and Easy Maintenance
  • Easy Maintenance on-Site – change of blade units can be done on site with ease
  • RoHS Compliant
Item Specification Note
Fiber Types All fiber types, single to 12-fiber ribbon fibers  
Cladding Diameter 0.125mm  
Coating Diameter 0.25mm to 0.4mm for single fiber; 0.3 to 0.4mm thickness for ribbons  
Power Source DC 11 to 14V, AC 85 to 264V* *using S952 AC Adapter
Battery Running Time Approximately 10 hrs.  
Charge Time Approximately 2.5 hrs. *when the unit is in off position
Operating Environment Temperature: 0~40°C Humidity: Below 95% *non-condensing
Dimensions/Weight 125W×48D×41H mm,260g *weight including battery