FITEL/FURUKAWA S310 S315 Single Fiber Cleavers

General Details

The FITEL/FURUKAWA S310 and S315 single fiber cleavers are designed to cleave fibers quickly and accurately. Both cleavers will accommodate 0.25mm to 0.9mm coating diameters. The S310 cleaver is specially designed to cleave the fiber accurately to 16mm bare fiber length. The S315 cleaver is available with a scale, allowing fiber cleave lengths from 5 to 20mm. *The cleave quality depends on skill of user and may not suitable to be used for fusion splicing.

Applicable optical fiber S310 For cleaving tde fiber to 16mm bare fiber length
S315 For cleaving tde fiber to 5mm to 20mm bare fiber lengtd witd a scale
Applicable optical fiber Silica glass-based optical fibers
Coating diameter: 0.25 and 0.9mm
Clad diameter: 0.125mm
Size/Weight Dimension: 80L x 20W x 26Hmm
Weight: 75g