FOSC-H08 4 ports Fiber Optic Splice Closures

Horizontal type, 4 ports (2-in, 2-out), maximum support 96 bunch fibres.

General Details

In the Fiber Optic network, generally cables are limited to have 2km or 3km per reel, thus it requires a device to extending the fiber cable in the long-haul cable network, CATV HFC network, FTTH PON network, etc. A traditional fiber optic splice closures with multiple ports for cable entry in and with ports for cable extending, distributing, branching, etc. inside the box body, there is space with fiber optic splice tray installed for holding, protecting and managing the fiber cable after cable been spliced. There is inline type; sometimes we say horizontal type fiber optic splice closures, and dome type or vertical type, butt type. However, recently closures are with more function than cable protection and joint, but splitting, thus splitting type fiber optic splice closure is very popular now, all these joint closures are made of high strength plastic, with excellent waterproof, dust proof, features. Tarluz offers several types of FOSC, please feel free to contact for more product information.

  • The closure adopts horizontal mechanical sealing and advanced internal structure design
  • To adopt engineering PC plastic with high-strength to make the closure has long life time and excellent sealing performance
  • Vulcanized sealing strip is available for Ф10~20 optical cable and brings excellently repeatable usage.
  • It works for branching only
  • It could save the installation time and improve work efficiently


Part No. FOSC-H08
Sealing Type Mechanical Sealing
Max. Fiber Capacity Bunch: 24 ~ 96 cores
Capacity of splice tray 24-core
Max. splice trays number 4
Cable ports 4 Entries (2 ports on each side)
Cable ports diameter 10 ~ 20mm
Application Aerial, Duct, Direct Bury
Sealing structure Mechanical sealing
Working temperature -40℃ ~ 65℃
Weight 2.5 ~ 3kg
Dimension 432 x 186 x 100mm


Standard Accessories

No. Name Quantity Usage
1 Housing 1 set Protecting fiber cable splices in whole
2 Fiber optic splice tray (FOST) Max. 4 pcs (bunchy)

Max.4 pcs (ribbon)

Fixing heat shrinkable protective sleeve and holding fibers
3 Foundation 1 set Fixing reinforced core of fiber- cable and FOST
4 Seal fitting 1 set Sealing between FOSC cover and FOSC bottom
5 Port plug 2 pieces Sealing empty ports


Main accessories

No. Name Quantity Usage
1 Heat shrinkable protective sleeve Protecting fiber splices
2 Nylon tie Fixing fiber with protective coat
3 Seal tape 1 roll Enlarging diameter of fiber cable which fits in with seal fitting
4 Hanging hook 1 set For aerial use
5 Earthing wire 1 piece Putting through between earthing devices
6 Labeling paper 1 piece Labeling fiber
7 Special wrench 2 pieces Fixing bolts, tightening nut of reinforced core
8 Buffer tube 1 piece Hitched to fibers and fixed with FOST, managing buffer
9 Desiccant 1 bag Put into FOSC before sealing for desiccating air.
  • Aerial, Duct, Direct Bury and Wall mounting application
  • FTTH PON network, CATV network, other fiber optic network