FTS100 Optical Talk Set

33dB dynamic range, support long distance transmission, optional with Optical Clip-on Coupler.

General Details

In some rural site, the mobile phone may be out of service range, if conversation between two operators who are laying down an optical cable for optical network needed. in the situation, Tarluz Fiber Talk Set is essential. With the optical talk sets, the two operators can have talk with each other directly via an intact optical fiber. It is easy and reliable. TARLUZ FTS100 handheld optical talk set with dynamic range of 33dB. The high dynamic range ensures the quality of voice and long transmission distance.

  • Full-duplex digital communication with high quality conversation connection and low background noise
  • Together with Optical Clip-on Coupler, enables on line communications
  • Combining functions of both a digital optical phone call and a stabilized light source
  • Large LCD display with back light
  • Low battery power indication
  • Transmission distance might over 100km
Part No.FTS-100
WavelengthA: 1310nm, B: 1550nm (unit A works at 1310nm, unit B at 1550nm)
Telecommunication Systemfull duplex communication
Emitter typeFP-LD
Adaptor TypeFC/PC
Dynamic Range33dB
Output Power-5 ~ -7dBm
ModulationCW, 270Hz, 1KHz, 2KHz
Power Supply3 pcs 1.5V Alkaline Batteries/8.4V Power Supply Adaptor
Operating Hours5 hours (standard)
Dimension198mm x 102mm x 50mm
Operating Temperature-10~+60℃
Storage Temperature-25~+70℃
Operating Humidity<90% (non-condensing)
Net Weight310g (including battery)
Standard Accessories:
Optical Talk Set (pair), Headset (pair), 3 pcs 1.5V Alkaline Batteries, 8.4V Power Supply Adaptor, User Manual, Cotton swabs and soft carrying case.
Optional Accessories:
Clip-on coupler
SC/PC adaptor, ST/PC adaptor
  • FTTX test with PON networks
  • CATV network testing
  • Access network testing
  • LAN network testing
  • Metro network testing
  • Lab and Factory testing
  • Live fiber troubleshooting
Ordering Information
Part No.Product NameDescriptions
FTS100Optical TalksetWavelength: 1310/1550nm, Full uplex Phone call, over 100km transmission distance, FC/PC Fiber Interface