Fujikura Detachable Splicer Battery Pack BTR-06

Fujikura BTR-06 Fusion Splicer, suitable for FSM-11S Fusion Splicer

General Details

The Detachable Battery Pack, BTR-06 is used exclusively for Fujikura Fusion Splicer, 50 and 17 Series. The rechargeable battery is charged by connecting to ADC-11 AC adaptor using DCC-10 charge cord.


No. of splicer operation
(Splicing / tube heating)
Splicer modelBTR-06(S)BTR-06(L)
50S80 cycles160 cycles
17S70 cycles140 cycles
50R80 cycles160 cycles
17R70 cycles140 cycles

Due to the nature of Li-ion battery, store in a cool place and half charged (not fully charged, not fully discharged) reduces the aging effect.

TypeNiMH (Nickel Metal Hydride)NiMH (Nickel Metal Hydride))
Output voltage13.2V13.2V
Battery capacity4.59Ah
Battery chargerExclusive Battery charger, ADC-11Exclusive Battery charger, ADC-11
Battery charge cord, DCC-10Battery charge cord, DCC-10
Expected battery cycle lifeMax. 500 cyclesMax. 500 cycles
Battery capacity indicatorAvailableAvailable
Operating condition-10 to +50 degree C / Non dew-10 to +50 degree C / Non dew
Dimension, Weight150W x 130D x 39H (mm), 750g150W x 130D x 39H (mm), 1500g
Use for50 series and 17 series50 series and 17 series