Fujikura Detachable Splicer Battery Pack BTR-08

Fujikura BTR-08 Fusion Splicer, suitable for FSM-60S and FSM-18S, FSM-60R and FSM-18R Fusion Splicer

General Details

The Detachable Battery Pack, BTR-08 is used exclusively for Fujikura Fusion Splicer, 60 and 18 Series. The rechargeable battery is charged by connecting to ADC-13 AC adaptor using DCC-14 charge cord.


No. of splicer operation
(Splicing / tube heating)
Splicer model BTR-08
60S 160 cycles
18S 90 cycles
60R 150 cycles
18R 90 cycles

Due to the nature of Li-ion battery, store in a cool place and half charged (not fully charged, not fully discharged) reduces the aging effect.

Model BTR-08
Type NiMH (Nickel Metal Hydride)
Output voltage 13.2V
Battery capacity 4.0Ah
Battery charger Exclusive Battery charger, ADC-13
Battery charge cord, DCC-14
Expected battery cycle life Max. 500 cycles
Battery capacity indicator Available
Operating condition -10 to +50 degree C / Non dew
Dimension, Weight 120W x 117D x 38H (mm), 770g
Use for 60 Series, 18 Series