Hard Polymer Cladding Optical Fibre (HPCF)

General Details

This large core fibre with low OH is suited for 850nm apparatus and systems. The hard polymer cladding provides higher tensile strength and greater resistance to moisture than the conventional one. These features together create a fibre widely used in fields of telecommunication and industry ,and near-IR spectroscopy environment.

Hard polymer (HP) cladding, made of “fluoroacrylate”,plays an important role in protecting glass core.In the process of installation or termination,HPCF is hard to break,even under the tightly bent or rough conditions.

Large core with 200 µm- 600 µm diameter provides an excellent coupling efficiency for data links and connectors. Systems with large core fibre have lower cost due to the loose tolerance characteristics of the components. HPCF shows the best performance applied to short distance medium transmission and data transmission.

  • Higher coupling efficiency provided than LED and laser source
  • Tolerant of wide fluctuations in temperature and humidity
  • More effective and cheaper connection mode than single mode and multimode fibre
  • Excellent fatigue resistance performance
  • Excellent radiation resistance performance
  • Compatible with a variety of light sources
Fibre TypeHP200/230-37/500EHP200/230-40/500HP300/330-37/650EHP400/430-37/730EHP600/630-37/1040E
Part No.HP2140-AHP2111-AHP2140-BHP2140-CHP2140-D
Optical Properties
Numerical Aperture0.37 ±0.020.40 ±0.020.37 ±0.020.37 ±0.020.37 ±0.02
Attenuation @850 nm(dB/km)≤8.0≤5.0≤8.0≤8.0≤8.0
OH ContentLow OHLow OHLow OHLow OHLow OH
Refractive Index ProfileStep IndexGrade IndexStep IndexStep IndexStep Index
Geometrical Properties
Core Diameter (um)200.0 ±3.0200.0 ±3.0300.0 ±6.0400.0 ±8.0600.0 ± 10.0
Cladding Diameter (um)230+0/-8230+0/-8330+5/-10430+5/-10630+5/-10
Coating Diameter (um)500.0 ±25.0500.0 ±25.0650.0 ±30.0730.0 ±30.01040.0 ±30.0
Core Concentricity Error (um)≤5.0≤5.0≤6.0≤8.0≤8.0
Material Composition
Core MaterialPure Silica GlassDoped Silica GlassPure Silica GlassPure Silica GlassPure Silica Glass
Cladding MaterialFluoroacrylateFluoroacrylateFluoroacrylateFluoroacrylateFluoroacrylate
Coating Material*ETFEAcrylateETFEETFEETFE
Environmental and IVIechanical Properties
Short Term Bend Radius(mm)≥10≥10≥16≥29≥58
Long Term Bend Radius(mm)≥16≥16≥24≥47≥94
Operating Temperature (°C)-65 to +85-65 to +85-65 to +85-65 to +85-65 to +85
Proof Test Level (kpsi)1001001007575

* The tight buffer material can be changed to UV Acrylate or PFA.

  • High energy laser transmission
  • Short-to-medium distance telecommunication
  • Electric signal transmission
  • Locomotive traction control
  • Medical sensor
  • Factory automation control
  • Laser therapy and operation
  • Near-IR spectroscopy application
  • Optical pyrometry
  • Nuclear radiation monitoring

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