Holmium laser Fiber Optic Probe

ETO-sterilized, double packed (pouch in pouch), 3-meter standard lengths, NA=0.37

General Details

The Holmium Laser fiber optic probe chooses biological compatible ETFE cladding fiber, designed with a non-magnetic ceramic ferrule or a good thermal conductive metal ferrule, suitable for different applications. The auxiliary material selected to comply with medical standard, support sterilization process, the in body part support biocompatibility requirements. In order to realize stable high power pulse coupling, the high power connector pre-assembled stabilization ring in the tail for protection beside air gap.

  • ETO-sterilized, double packed (pouch in pouch)
  • Special High Pressure SMA Fiber Connector
  • 3-meter standard lengths, NA=0.37
  • Support customization
Part No. Type N.A.  Core Dia.   (µm) Fiber Dia.   (mm) Spectral   (nm)
HCS200/240/260/375 SI 0.22 200 0.375 400~2500
HCS 275/300/330/420 SI 0.22 275 0.42 400~2500
HCS 365/400/430/730 SI 0.22 365 0.73 400~2500
HCS 550/600/635/750 SI 0.22 550 0.75 400~2500


Laser Transmission Attenuation Diagram:

Laser Transmission Attenuation Diagram

ho laser application Urology
  • Lithotripsy
  • Opening of urethral strictures
  • Partial nephrectomy
Ordering Information


A:  Fiber Length  (m) 1
B:  Fiber Specification HCS200/240/260/375
HCS 275/300/330/420
HCS 365/400/430/730
HCS 550/600/635/750
C:  Fiber Jacket 0: No Fiber Jacket
9:  900um PVC Jacket
D:  Dust Cap M: Metal Dust Cap
P: Plastic Dust Cap
E:  Trans. λ X- Customized
F:  Trans. Power X- Customized