General Details

YOFC Maxband WideBand 0M5 Bend Insensitive Multimode Fibre is a 50|125 laser-optimized multimode fiber designed for short wavelength division multiplexing (SWDM) applications. Unlike traditional 0M4 fibre with high bandwidth performance in a narrow band centred at 850nm, YOFC Maxband® WideBand 0M5 Bend Insensitive Multimode Fibre delivers 0M4 performance in the 850-950nm window while maintaining compatibility with current multimode fibres. WideBand 0M5 and multi-wavelength transceivers are a viable solution for future 100Gb/s and 400Gb/s multi wavelength systems.

YOFC Maxband® WideBand 0M5 Bend Insensitive Multimode Fibre complies with or exceeds ISO/IEC 11801 0M5 specification, lEC 60793-2-10 type A1a.4 Optical Fibre Specification, and TIA/EIA-492AAAE detail specification.

  • Designed for multi-wavelength systems
  • Maintaining compatibility with current OM4 multimode optical fibre
  • Very low macro-bending sensitivity
  • Coated with YOFC’s proprietary dual layer UV curable acrylate

  • Duplex transmission of 40/100/400 Gb/s using SWDM technology
  • Supports today’s application including 100Gb/s Ethernet
  • Supports installation with small cable bend radius and compact organizers.
  • Optimized performance in tight-buffer cable applications
  • High resistance to micro-bending Stable performance over a wide range of environmental conditions