POFPM100 Plastic Optical Power Meter

POFPM100 POF OPM used for the plastic optical fiber within 600 ~ 1000nm wavelength range, w, dBm units, five calibration wavelengths.

General Details

POFPM100 hand-held power meter can be used for the plastic optical fiber within 600 ~ 1000nm wavelength range optical power measurements to w, dBm units, high-resolution display. It has 635nm, 650nm, 780nm, 850nm, 980nm wavelength five calibration wavelengths. Support linear or nonlinear optical power display and used to short-wavelength optical power measurements. The instrument has a small size, lightweight, portable and low power consumption, LCD display, make measurements easier and faster.

  • Plastic Optic Fiber, POF testing
  • Small size, light weight
  • Support SM, MM, Plastic or large core fiber
  • 2 Button to control the plastic power meter
  • Big size detector
  • Multiple calibrated wavelengths
  • Displayed units: dBm, W
Part No. POFPM100U
Wavelength Range 600 ~ 1000nm
Detector Type 4*4mm large size Si detector
Measurement Range -60 ~ +6dBm
Interface Φ3.8 Universal, Φ2.5 Universal, FC/SC
Uncertainty ±5%
Linearity 0.1%
Calibration Wavelengths 635, 650, 780, 850, 980nm
Logarithm 0.01dBm
Resolution 0.05
Working Temperature -10~+60℃
Storage Temperature -25~+70℃
Auto Power Off time 10min
Battery Life 60h
Dimensions 150 X 74 X 26mm
Power Supply 3pc of AAA 1.5V batteries
Weight 200g

Standard Package:
Power Meter, Instruction Manual, Carry bag, Certificate of Quality.

  • Plastic fiber optic network system
  • Large core fiber testing
  • Visual light testing
  • Laser audio system
Ordering Information
Part No. Product Name Description
POFPM100U Plastic Optic Fiber Power Meter POF Power Meter, -60 ~ +6dBm, Φ3.8 Universal, Φ2.5 Universal (FC/SC)