RMTB01 Series Fiber Optic Patch Panel

General Details

Tarluz RMTB01 series fiber optic terminal box is Made of cold-rolling steel, static spreading-plastic, It support 19″ and 21″ cabinet, which is convenient to install and dismantle the splice tray could piled up thus could support fiber core from 12 to 96; The curve radius of the coiled spear fibers should be guaranteed to be over 37.5mm in the splice tray; while for the cable fixation, the is adjustable clamp seal ring and reinforce configuration, which could adjust different sizes of cables flexibly to make sure the cables are clamp tightly; The indoor type is of excellent seal performance, which could prevent water from entering effectively.

  •  Applicable in the branch connection of fiber termination, working as distribution box
  • 19” or 21” standard structure, rack mounted
  • Available for the installation of FC, SC, SC shape Duplex LC adapters
  • Size: can meet with customer’s requires
  • The body is made of cold rolled steel sheet, with electrostatic spraying
  • We can install adapters for you, available for FC, SC, SC shape Duplex LC
Name Specification Dimension (mm) 6/12 core integrative module
RMTB 12 core 482*284*43 install 2pcs  integrative module
24 core 482*284*87 install 4pcs  integrative module
48 core 482*284*132 install 8pcs  integrative module
72 core 482*284*176 install 12pcs  integrative module
96 core 482*284*220 install 16pcs  integrative module
  • Telecommunication networks
  • CATV Networks; LAN Network
  • Active device termination
  • FTTH