Sumitomo FH seires Fiber Holders

TYPE-71C/C+, TYPE-81C, TYPE-Q101-CA/CA+, T-55, TYPE-Q101-VS/VS+, TYPE-201VS/e-VS, TYPE-QH201e-VS, TYPE-100S/Se, TYPE-71M12, TYPE-81M12, TYPE-Q101-M12, TYPE-201M4/e-M4, TYPE-QH201e-M4

General Details


  • Fiber holders are designed to work with Sumitomo Electric fusion splicers and help load optical fiber or cable correctlyl in the splicers.
  • The fiber holders are supplied in pair for the left and right. Select holders according to the fiber count and fiber coating diameter being spliced.
Applicable number of fiber Single to 12-fiber ribbon
Fiber holding method Magnetic clamp
Fiber Holder placing onto splicer Guide-pin system with two pins per one side of Fiber Holder
Dimensions FHS series : 16(W) x 41(L) x 8(H) mm / FHM, FHD & FHC series : 16(W) x 38(L) x 8(H) mm
Material Base plate : Plastic / Lid : Carbon steel (except FHS-025/LB5)
Applicable Model* Fusion Splicer Single TYPE-71C/C+, TYPE-81C, TYPE-Q101-CA/CA+, T-55, TYPE-Q101-VS/VS+
TYPE-201VS/e-VS, TYPE-QH201e-VS, TYPE-100S/Se
Ribbon TYPE-71M12, TYPE-81M12, TYPE-Q101-M12, TYPE-201M4/e-M4, TYPE-QH201e-M4
Fiber Cleaver FC-7R-F, FC-7R-M, FC-7M series, FC-6RM series, FC-6M series
Hot Jacket Remover JR-6 series (except FHS, FHD and FHC series)


Part No. FHS-025 FHS-09 FHS-025/LB5 FHD-1 FHC-3 FHM-2
Fiber Single
Single 900um Single 900um Loose buffered fiber Single 250um Drop / Indoor cable 3mm cable 2-fiber ribbon
Part No. FHM-4 FHM-5 FHM-6 FHM-8 FHM-10 FHM-12
Fiber 4-fiber ribbon 5-fiber ribbon 6-fiber ribbon 8-fiber ribbon 10-fiber ribbon 12-fiber ribbon