TK205 Fusion Splicing Tool Kit

This tool kits including 19 different tools, the tools are listed as follow:

ItemTool listQty
1Fiber optic stripper1
2KEVLAR Scissor1
3Optic Fiber Jacket Stripper1
4JETECH 8pcs Interchangeable Set1
5Round Cable Cutter1
6Wire Rope Cutter1
77” Lineman’s plier (178mm)1
86” Needle Node Pliers 135mm1
96” Side Cut Pliers 130mm1
106Pcs Electronic Screwdriver Set1
118″ Adjustable wrench1
12Emergency lamp1
13Blow Brush1
143.5M Tape Measure1
15Precision Nipper1
16Black Marker1
17Utility knife1
184 oz.Bottle of Alcohol with locked1
19Carrying Tool Case (430×330×135mm)1

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