TK501 Fiber Optic Inspection and Cleaning ToolKit

Fiber Optic Inspection and Cleaning is one of the most important job during cable installation, maintenance, because dirty fiber cable, fiber end face could increase optical loss of the fiber link, and make your fiber connection failure. This  cleaning and inspection toolkit bag is easy to carry with sufficient tools for clean, is ideal for your daily maintenance job.

Item Tool List Qty
1 Fiber Optic Cassette Cleaner NEOCLEAN-N 1
2 200X Hand Held Fiber Microscope 1
3 Canned Air – Filtered (120ml/4.2oz) 1
4 2.5mm One-Click Cleaner (Applied for SC/ST/FC fiber interface) 1
5 1.25mm One-Click Cleaner (Applied for LC/MU fiber interface) 1
6 100 Fiber Cleaning Dry Wipes (4”×4”) 1
7  20 Optic Prep. Pre-moistened Wipes 1
8 250ml Plastic Twist-Lock Automatic Alcohol Dispensing Bottle 1
9 Portable Carry Bag (230×160×150mm) 1