Fiber Optic Splicing

Sumitomo Detachable Battery Pack BU-12

Sumitomo Fusion Splicers, TYPE-100S/Se, 201/201e and QH201e series.

Sumitomo BU-11 Battery

SUMITOMO Fusion Splicers, TYPE-71 series, TYPE-81 series, TYPE-Q101 series and T-55.

TYPE-81M12 Mass fusion splicer up to 12c fibers

12c ribbon splicers with 14sec. fast splicing time, Dual ovens for a faster splicing cycle, Fully navigational touch screen interface

S123M series Hand-Held Ribbon Fiber Fusion Splicer

Fast splice(15sec) at low loss and fast heating(36sec), 70 cycles(Splicing & heating) for S123M4 and 160 cycles for S123M8/S123M12 with two batteries

Simotomo TYPE-81C Direct Core Monitoring Fusion Splicer

Type81c Fiber Splicer, Faster 6sec. splice in Quick Mode, Reduced 14sec. heat shrink time, dual heat oven for fast splicing

Fitel Handheld S178A Core Alignment Fusion Splicer

Fast splice (7sec) at super low loss and fast heating (25sec), 200cycles (Splicing & heating) with two batteries