April 23, 2019

Simple Rules for Beginners to Learn about MPO Patch Cords or MTP Patch Cords mating

The MPO Patch Cord and MTP Patch Cords are connected by MPO Adaptors or MTP Adaptors, however it is not like the standard single fiber patch cord connection, always keep the following rules in mind when mating two MPO or MTP Patch cords.

1. Never connect a female MPO/MTP patch cord to a female MPO/MTP patch cord or a male MPO/MTP Patch Cord to a male MTP Patch Cord. It should be connected with a male and a female as stated above. With a female-to-female connection, the fiber cores of the two connectors will not be at the exact same height because the guide pins are missing. That will lead to high losses in performance. A male-to-male connection has even more disastrous results. There the guide pins hit against guide pins so no contact is established. This can also damage the connectors.

2. Never dismantle the MPO connector. The pins are difficult to detach from the MPO connector and the fibers might break during the dismantle process. In addition, the warranty becomes null and void if you open the connector housing.

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