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Použité zkratky

V souvislosti s evolucí přístupových sítí se v současné době stále častěji diskutují optické, případně kombinované opticko-metalické přístupové přípojky označované jako FTTx (Fibre to the X), kde optická část přípojek bude založena na některé z variant pasivních optických přístupových sítí (PON), nejčastěji na variantě GPON (Gigabit Passive Optical Network) či EPON (Ethernet Passive Optical Network). […]



PON architectures for FTTH deployments are currently based on passive optical splitters to distribute the bandwidth to each customer using fiber splitters providing ratios ranging up to 1:64 or even 1:128. The physical PON FTTH architecture typically supports the Ethernet protocol. PON network feeds a variety of optical network terminations (ONTs) or optical network units […]


Network Equipment Selection – Considerations

In the early days of GPON service providers cared primarily about getting the service to work, and the easiest way to ensure this was to purchase an end-to-end GPON solution from a single vendor, who was responsible to make it work. Providers that used multiple vendors in their network divided their service area into different […]



Empecemos con una definición simple; Fibra Hasta El Hogar (FTTH – Fiber To The Home) es la entrega de una señal de comunicación por medio de fibra óptica desde el equipo de conmutación del prestador de servicio hasta la casa o negocio del cliente, por lo tanto es un reemplazo de las redes de infraestructura […]


Strong GPON OLT Demand Indicates Increasing FTTH Buildouts

Global GPON revenue declined 7 percent quarter-over-quarter to reach $1.32 billion. This decline was primarily associated with declining ASPs across all regions. Year-over-year, revenue increased by 32 percent. Asia Pacific continues to drive the majority of demand, where China is currently in the process of large scale FTTH deployments due to government mandated regulation. OLT […]


Test Procedures when Trouble-shooting an Live (in service) PON Network

1. Use an ONT (Optical Network Terminal) / ONU (Optical Network Unit) Tester to determine if the ONT/ONU at the subscriber’s end is responding to downstream signals from the OLT (Optical Line Terminal). The Active ONT /ONUidentifier clamps on to 0.9mm buffered fiber, or 2mm or 3 mm jacketed fiber, or 2.0mm x 3.0mm drop cable, senses and […]