12 Fibers MPO Hydra Cable Assemblies

12 Fibers Standard MPO-LC Hydra Cable Assemblies, support SM, OM2, OM3 Optical Fiber,

General Details

TARLUZ 12 fibers MPO hydra cable assemblies is with one single 12 fibers MPO connector end and LC connector for other end. This patchcord needs to be installed inside of the module cassette, connecting the backbone cable with the equipment, which can be modularized and plug play. Compared with traditional splicing, it’s dramatically improve the work efficiency and brings convenience.

  • The MPO connector is with the Guide pin, which connecting the main cable through the MPO port of the cassette, while the other connector(LC) ends is going to connect the patchcord of the equipments by using the LC patch panel.
  • Customized length can be perfectly match the module cassette, easy to manage the fiber inside.

Performance of Assemblies: MPO Termination:

Fiber Type Single Mode Multi-mode
Standard Insertion Loss Typical(dB) 0.35 0.35
Maximum(dB) 0.70 0.70
Low Insertion Loss Typical(dB) 0.20 0.20
Maximum(dB) 0.35 0.35
Return Loss         (dB) ≥60(APC) ≥20(PC)
Tensile Strength         (kgf) 10
Durability           (dB) ≤0.2   500 matings
Working Temperature(℃) -40 ~+85
Testing Wavelength       (nm) 1310/1550 850

Generic Connector Termination:

Fiber Type Single Mode Multi-mode
Parameter UPC APC UPC
Insertion Loss Maximum (dB) ≤0.3
Return Loss (dB) ≥50 ≥60 ≥35
Durability  (dB) ≤0.2   500 matings
Working Temperature(℃) -40 ~+85
Testing Wavelength  (nm) 1310/1550 850