1U MPO/MTP Patch Panel / Enclousures

1U, 19-inch, with MTP Cable assemblies installed, replaceable patch panel, multi connector type.

General Details

MPO Fiber Optic Patch Panel is used for trunk cable connection and distribution cable management in distribution area of MDA, IDA or HDA data centers. It could be installed in 19 inch racks and cabinets. It could accommodate MPO cassette modules or MPO adapter panels.

  • Could install in 19 inch racks and cabinets, manage MPO cassette modules
  • Modular design realizes high port number and improves high density connection capabilities.
  • 1U MPO Fiber Optic Patch Panel can accommodate 4pcs of MPO cassette modules. MPO cassette modules can install duplex LC adapters with the capacity up to 96 fibers maximum, simplex SC adapters with the capacity up to 48 fibers maximum and MPO adapters with the capacity up to 288 fibers maximum.
  • Made of premium cold rolled steel.
  • The steel is processed by degreasing, pickling, Rustproof phosphating, cleaning with water, and electrostatic spraying. The thickness of spraying is 80um~100um. European RoHS compliant.
  • MPO Patch Panel includes cable management and labels.
  • Convenient installation and easy management.
  • The density is more than 4 times of traditional splicing patch panels. It saves much room of cabinets, improves use ratio of cabinets, and creates value of data center construction.
  • Modular design is easy for upgrade and maintenance.

Machine rooms of data center and intranet


Product illustration