FI100 Fiber Identifier

Support, 0.25mm bare fiber, 0.9mm tight buffer fiber, 2.0mm, 3.0mm jacket fiber.

General Details

TARLUZ FI100 Optical Fiber Identifier is a low cost, portable instrument designed to detect optical signals without disrupting traffic. Based on non-destructive macro-bending technology, FI100 Optical Fiber Identifier doesn’t disrupt traffic, damage or over-stress the fiber, enabling efficient, accurate and reliable data acquisition during maintenance, installations, rerouting or restorations, it’s often necessary to isolate a specific fiber. By simply clamping FI100 Fiber Optic Identifier onto a fiber, it will indicate if there is a signal, a modulated signal, or traffic, and show signal direction.

  • “One button meter”, convenient and easy to use
  • Detect a variety of optical tones, 270Hz, 1kHz and 2kHz
  • RB0.25mm, RB0.9mm, RB2.0mm and RB3.0mm plugs available, easy to replace
  • With Sunshade for more accurate testing
  • Durable metal housing and quality construction
  • Lower power indication
Part No. FI100
Recognizable Wavelength Range 800 to 1700nm
Recognizable Signal Type CW, 2kHz, 1kHz, 270Hz±5%
Detector Type InGaAs 2pcs
Clamp Type RB0.25mm for bare fiber, RB0.9mm for buffer, RB2.0mm for 3.0mm jacketed fibers, RB3.0mm for 3.0mm jacketed fibers
Insertion Loss @1310nm 0.8dBm
@1550nm 2.5dBm
Signal Testing Sensitivity @1310nm -46 ~ +10dBm
@1550nm -50 ~ +10dBm
Direction Testing Sensitivity Ø0.9, Ø2.0, Ø3.0 -30~0 (270Hz,1KHz)
-25~0 (2KHz)
Ø0.25 -25~0 (1KHz,2KHz)
-20~0 (2KHz)
Signal Frequency 2kHz/1kHz/270Hz
Operating Temperature -10 to +60℃
Storage Temperature -25 to +70℃
Power Supply 9V Alkaline Battery
Dimension 196mmL x 30.5mW x 27mmH
Weight 200g
Standard Accessories
Optical Fiber Identifier, 4pcs adapter heads, Sunshade, Alkaline battery, User Manual, Cotton Stick and Carry Case
  • Live fiber detection avoids technician-induced outages
  • Fiber identification and tracing with CW or tones
  • For use with 250µm, 900µm, 2mm and 3mm Jacketed Fibers
Ordering Information
Part No. Product Name Description
FI100 Fiber Identifier Optical Fiber Identifier, with 0.25, 0.9, 2.0, 3.0mm adapter clamp