Fiberhome AN5516-04 GPON/EPON OLT platform

Sharing service cards with AN5116-06B, Up to 32 PON ports per chassis, Flexible uplink card :2*10GE+2*GE,1*STM-1, 32*E1, provides maximum 1024 ONU users at the 1:64 split ratio.

General Details

Tarluz provide AN5516-04 GPON OLT for users in FTTx application, it is produced by FiberHome is one of the advanced FTTx OLT equipment. It is a small capacity carrier class GPON/EPON equipment which provides maximum 1024 ONU users at the 1:64 split ratio. AN5516-04 can be configured to compatible GPON/EPONOLT platform. GPON and EPON users can be concurrently supported in the same OLT subrack by using different ONUs but of the same set of ODN facility. AN5516-04 can be also configured as10GEPON or P2P platform.


PON features
— Unify platform for EPON/GPON/10G PON/P2P
— Sharing service cards with AN5116-06B
— Up to 32 PON ports per chassis
— Flexible uplink card :2*10GE+2*GE,1*STM-1, 32*E1

Synchronization features
— High precision sync-Ethernet & 1588v2
— 1PPS+ToD output

Reliability features
— Core card 1+1 redundancy
— OSPF dual homing
— STP/RSTP/MSTP ring protection
— Trunk/LACP for uplink protection


The AN5516-04 overall performance specifications
Item Specification
Switch card capacity 400Gbit/s
Backplane bus capacity 80Gbit/s
Maximum transmission distance 20km
Maximum split ratio of EPON 1:64
Maximum split ratio of GPON 1:128
Optical line protection switch time <200ms The AN5516-04 Ethernet service performance
Item Specification
Throughput (EPON)
Uplink throughput: ≥950Mbit/s
Downlink throughput
1.25G mode: ≥980Mbit/s
2.5G mode: ≥1.8Gbit/s
Throughput (GPON)
Uplink throughput: ≥1100Mbit/s
Downlink throughput: ≥2400Mbit/s
Uplink latency ( when traffic flow is no more than 90% of system
throughput)<1.5ms Downlink latency (when traffic flow is no more than 90% of system throughput)<1ms GPON Standards
Number Description
ITU-T G.984.1 Gigabit-capable passive optical networks (GPON): General
ITU-T G.984.2 Gigabit-capable Passive Optical Networks (GPON): Physical Media
Dependent (PMD) layer specification
ITU-T G.984.3 Gigabit-capable Passive Optical Networks (G-PON): Transmission
convergence layer specification
ITU-T G.Imp984.3 Implementers’ Guide for ITU-T Rec. G.984.3 (02/2004)
ITU-T G.984.4 Gigabit-capable passive optical networks (G-PON): ONT management
and control interface specification
ITU-T G.Imp.984.4 Implementor’s Guide for ITU-T Rec. G.984.4
ITU-T G.984.5 Enhancement band for gigabit capable optical access networks
ITU-T G.984.6 Gigabit-capable passive optical networks (GPON): Reach extension


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