MTP MPO Fiber Optics

1U MPO/MTP Patch Panel / Enclousures

1U, 19-inch, with MTP Cable assemblies installed, replaceable patch panel, multi connector type.

24 Fiber MPO-LC Module Cassettes

12 pieces of duplex LC at the front end, back side with 2 piece of MPO adapter. The module cassettes with transfer patchcord inside, used to connect with the front adapter and back adapter.

MPO Connector

Precision molded MT ferrule, High precision guide pins for exact alignment, Compact design, up to 24 fiber ribbons

MTP Adapters

MTP Adaptor, 4 ~ 72 fibers

MPO Adapters

MPO Adaptor, 4 ~ 72 fibers

12 Fibers MPO Hydra Cable Assemblies

12 Fibers Standard MPO-LC Hydra Cable Assemblies, support SM, OM2, OM3 Optical Fiber,

MTP/MPO Loopbacks

MTP/MPO Fiber Loopback is used for test the transmitting ability and receiving sensitivity of network device, beside it, it is also a reliable product to test the system loop.

MPO/MTP One Click Cleaner 500 times

MPO/MTP one Click cleaner for connector and in-adaptor cleaner, support cleaner MPO/MTP with/out guide pins.

MTP/MPO One Click Cleaner 700 times

MPO/MTP one Click cleaner, support cleaner MPO/MTP with/out guide pins, support SM, MM/OM2/OM2/OM3/OM4 Fiber

3U MPO/MTP Patch Panel / Enclosures

3U MPO Fiber Optic Patch Panel can accommodate 12pcs of MPO cassette modules. MPO cassette modules can install duplex LC adapters with the capacity up to 288 fibers maximum, simplex SC adapters up to 144 fibers maximum and MPO adapters up to 864 fibers maximum