Special Fiber Optics

Fibre Bundles Patchcord – for Laser Projector

Multi fiber cores and different lengths upon request

Polarization Maintaining (PM) Patch Cord

Polarization Maintaining PM Patch Cord 980, 1030, 1064,1310,1550 nm

TL-PMFS100B Specialty Fiber Fusion Splicer

PM Fusion Splicer for different kinds of Polarization-maintaining optical fiber

D80 High Power Fiber

With Sapphire to protect the connector, High quality Stainless steel armored tube protection layer

Electrically Isolated SMA-905 Cantilevered Patch Cord

Electrical Isolated High Precision SMA905 ferrule, Optional Stainless steel tube or PVC protecting jacket

NIR Optimized Quartz Fiber

Imported fiber perform, wide spectral transmission, high laser damage threshold for transmission band from VIS to NIR

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