ODC-144A Optical Distribution Cabinet

General Details

The optical cross-connection Cabinet short for OCC, or some other place call it Optical Distribution Cabinet (ODC) or Fiber Distribution Terminal (FDT), is a device designed for indoor/outdoor cable management. generally the OCC/ODC/FDT consists of several part, like integrated splicing unit, PLC splitter holder, the direct fusion splicing area, the cable fixation area, lock, cable routing table, etc.

Tarluz provides full line of OCC from 96 core, 144 cores, 288 cores, 576 cores to 1152 cores; the material could be using high strength SMC or stainless steel, which makes it waterproof, dust proof an corrosion resistant, beside it, our Optical distribution cabinet wit degree of protection of IP65, which could stand climate and environmental change. there are not only designed version for customer application, operators also able to customize the Cabinet based on special requirement. Feel free to contact tarluz for your ODC/FDT/OCC requirement.

Product Features

  • Suit for bunch fiber optic cable and ribbon fiber optic cable
  • Support SC/FC adapter, easy operation
  • 30 degree of angle ensure the fiber bending greater than 40mm and avoiding lasers harm the human eyes
  • Slots for install Cassette type 1:4, 1:8, 1:16, 1:32 PLC splitters
  • Dust proof, IP65 standard
Part No. ODC-144A
Max Core 144 core FC, SC, 288 core for LC
Defense Grade IP65
Outer Dimensions(mm) (HxWxD) Cabinet 940 x 550 x 310
Body 710 x 550 x 310
Base (bottom) 230 x 550 x 310
Inner Dimensions (mm) 680 x 520 x 290
Fixation Dimensions (mm) 454 x 172
Application Floor mounting, wal mounting
Connector Insertion Loss (dB) ≤ 0.2
Repeatability (dB) ≤ 0.1 (After insertion 1000 times)
Return Loss (dB) (PC) ≥40
(UPC) ≥50
(APC) ≥60
Insulation Resistance 1000MΩ/500VDC
Anti-voltage 3000VDC/1min, non puncture, no arc-over
Insertion and Drawing Wear Life-span 1000 times
Work Environmental Temp. (°C) -5~ +40
Storage Temp. (°C) -25 ~ +55
Relative Humidity ≤85% (+30°C)
Work Environmental Atmosphere Pressure (kpa) 70 ~ 106
Water Prevention 80kpa water pressure lashed against the box shell for 15 minutes and water droplets would not enter in the box.
Box Shell Bearable Pressure (N) ≥ 1000
Side Surface Bearable Pressure (N) ≥ 500
Door-hinge Bearable Pressure (N) ≥ 300