Fiber Optic Test Equipment

HFM-100 Handheld Fiber Inspection Probe

Examine fiber end face with 3.5" monitor, support LC, SC, ST, FC, E2000 connector and in-adaptor end face inspection

HFM-200VU Fiber Microscope Probe

Inspect fiber end face, working with OTDR/PC via USB port

POFPM100 Plastic Optical Power Meter

POFPM100 POF OPM used for the plastic optical fiber within 600 ~ 1000nm wavelength range, w, dBm units, five calibration wavelengths.

XPPM600 Multi-functional xPON WDM Optical Power Meter

1270nm, 1310nm, 1577nm, 1490nm, support simultaneous testing; other wavelengths can be customized

OT600 Economical OTDR

SM OTDR with VFL (visual fault locator), budget matching

FPM300 Series intelligent Optical Power Meter

Auto-wavelengths Recognition, Referencing Function, Computer Supported, used with FLS300 series Laser/Light Source.

FLS100 Series Optical Light Sources

Economical type, Support Single mode and Multimode (50/125um or 62.5/125um MM fiber

FPM200 Series Precision Optical Power Meter

Single mode and multi mode fiber, up to 80dB measurement range, self calibration function

FPM100 Series Economical Optical Power Meter

Economical OPM, 850, 980, 1300, 1310, 1490, 1550, compact size, easy to carry, for single mode and multimode fiber cable

PPM300 PON Power Meter

1310/1490/1550nm simultaneously testing, Quick, on-site test and measurement of PON signals, anywhere on the network. Fault identification and isolation.

CWDM Optical Power Meter

Simultaneously test and show 18 CWDM wavelengths

MPO/MTP Optical Power Meter

SM, MM MPO/PC 12/24 female interface, 850 & 1300 or 1310 & 1550nm , +3 ~ -50 dBm