TARLUZ is highly focusing on fiber optic solution like Data Center cabling network, FTTx/FTTH turn key solution, etc. Our value is Deliver Quality Product with Competitive Price and Devoted Service.

Data Center Solutions

TARLUZ delivers network infrastructure to meet the expanding requirement for data center, connectivity and cable management. These systems support next generation technology with flexibility for future growth.

FTTx FTTH Solutions

Fiber to the x (FTTx) is a generic term for any broadband network architecture using fiber optic to replace all or part of the usual metal local loop used for last mile connection, It can be FTTH, FTTD, FTTC, FTTA, FTTO, FTTF, etc..

Advanced Optics

TARLUZ offers cutting-edge products in special fiber optics, the solution applied in diverse market, including Industrial, Medical, Ophthalmic, Aerospace and Defense, Astronomy, Semiconductor, Telecommunications and more.