Your Path from 800G to 1.6T

Starting in 2024, the demand for 800G is increasing, and soon in 2025 and 2026 1.6T will also delivered to the market. We shall explain the form factors of 800G and 1.6T modules. Based on the applications, there are Pluggable optical transceivers, Active optical cables, Active electrical cables, Active copper cables, and Direct-attached copper cables. […]


Will AEC (Active Electrical Cables) be a good choice for the AI Networks

Since the very beginning of 2023, The demand for AI network interconnection products has been increasing. operators are familiar with Optical Transceivers, Active Optic Cable (AOC), and Direct Attach Cable (DAC). Is Active Electrical Cables (AEC) a good alternative solution to copper cables for AI networks? Currently, in the market, there are QSFP-DD and OSFP […]


Overview of optics options for 800GbE

The growing demand for bandwidth in the Cloud, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, etc, and future hyper-scale data centers drive the demand for 800GE Optics. Market researchers consider that 400G will hold sway until 2023 and that 800G will come into its own as of 2025. This article is introducing the options of the 800G transceivers. […]


Optical Interfaces of QSFP112 Optical Modules

The recommended location and numbering of the optical ports for 3 Media Dependent Interfaces (MDI) are shown as follows. The transmit and receive optical lanes shall occupy the positions depicted in the following when looking into the MDI receptacle with the connector keyway feature on top. QSFP112 optical MDI examples are shown for a male […]

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Introduction to QSFP-DD800 and QSFP112

The Quad Small Form Factor Pluggable Double Density (QSFPDD) Multi-Source Agreement (MSA) group announces the release of a hardware specification revision 7.0 for updating QSFP-DD, The main topic is introducing QSFP-DD800 and QSFP112 form factor. QSFP-DD is the premier 8-lane data center pluggable module form factor. This QSFP-DD optical module designed backward compatible with existing […]

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18 billion, The sales revenue of Optical Transport Systems will reaches in next five years

Due to pandemic effection, optical transport system demand freezes in a short period. however, based on market report from Dell’Oro Group, Optical Transport System venders will enjoy revenue increase in the next five years, the 800G DWDM system will lead the way, the sales revenue will increase from $15 billions at 2019, and will approaches […]

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FAQ about QSFP-DD800

Q: HOW IS QSFP-DD800 DIFFERENT THAN QSFP-DD? A: The QSFP-DD800 MSA is focused on the next generation of the QSFP family of modules. It will focus on increasing the aggregate module bandwidth and increasing individual line speeds to 112 Gb/s. In addition, changes are anticipated to the specification in the areas of thermal performance up […]

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