FC High Power Fiber Optics

High quality stanlies steel armored tube with multiple protection layers, Large core high power fiber optics, customized by customer

General Details

The high power adapters use flat end face ceramic or metal ferrules with large core, assembled with difference models of large core high power fiber optics like 105/125, 200/220, 200/230, 300/330, 400/440, 600/660um, with precision grinding FC/SC connector, can be applied as high power semiconductor laser output pigtails, Improving the coupling efficiency.

  • High quality stanlies steel armored tube  with multiple protection layers
  • Large core high power fiber optics, customized by customer

fc-high-power-fiber-optics-1Ordering Information

A:Connector Material B: Fiber Length  (m) C:  Fiber Specifications D: Fiber Jacket E: Transmission Wavelengths F: Transmission power
C: Ceramic
S: Stainless Steel
SM:  9/125um    Single Mode
OM1:62.5/125um  Multimode
OM2:50/125um   Multimode
SI 40/125-22/220
SI 100/140-22-250
SI 105/125-22/250
SI 200/220-22/500
SI 300/330-22/500
SI 400/440-22/730
SI 800/840-22/1100
X-Refer to fiber specification
9P: 900umPVC Jacket
2P: 2.0mm PVC Jacket
3P: 3.0mm PVC Jacket
3S:  3.0mm PVC Armored Jacket
X-Customization X-Customization
  • Semiconductor laser coupled output
  • Infrared temperature measurement
  • Fire detection signal transmission