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FTTx PON Insertion Loss Tests

Insertion loss tests are primarily used to test FTTx PONs (Passive Optical network) during installation. Insertion loss testing may be performed on individual fiber segments as they’re installed (e.g. test feeder fiber from Central Office  (CO) to Fiber Distribution Hub (FDH), test distribution fiber from FDH to AP, or test drop fiber from AP to […]

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Fiber Optic Testers used in fiber to the X FTTx Solutions

The following is a list of optical testing tools used for FTTx (Fiber to the x) network: 1. VFL (visual fault locator) is capable continuity check fiber link up to 15km, break/bend visual identifier for fibre along patch panel/hub areas, It is mainly applied in fibre link construction and troubleshooting at locations where fibres are accessible. […]


FTTH PON Testing Overview

Proper testing is a critical part of installing, activating and maintaining a PON. While most components are tested during the manufacturing process, they are tested again after splicing and installation of splitters and access terminals. Field testing is required to ensure no excess loss or reflectance has been introduced due to micro-bends in installed fiber, […]

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